WaterAid | Mini 3D World

The guys at WaterAid asked us to create a Mini 3D world. The campaign was to help raise awareness for women who do not have access to safe water during their pregnancy.



In a similar fashion to the Manpon Project the idea was to create a spoof advert. This time the bogus item was pregnancy test. A test not only reveals if you’re pregnant, but also if there is access to safe water during the pregnancy.

The Tough Bits

This animation was a challenge technically. The tough part was working out how to handle the difference in scale from start to finish.

When zoomed in at character level the scale is tiny compared to the end, when we see the miniature world sitting on the device. To make things even tougher we decided to use one camera move. This meant the whole mini world including 38,000 CGI trees was contained within one file.


C4D Forester Review

For the trees we used a C4D plugin called Forester. It was really good, easy to use and achieved the looks we needed. But, we had problems rendering because Octane couldn’t handle the amount of polygons thrown out by Forester. We kept on refining the scene until Octane was just about able to cope. Although forester is a really useful plugin their licensing setup is pretty poor. Every time you upgrade C4D, Forester insist you pay a new licence. Madness. That’s a really non helpful position for a company to take in my opinion. You also can’t move the plugin to a new machine. Again, the Forester people were insisiting that we needd to buy a new license for the new machine and not transfer it. Rubbish!

C4D Tracking

The inbuilt camera tracker in C4D took care or match-moving the live footage. It did a pretty solid job. We initially tried After effects however found better results using C4D’s offering.



The live footage at the start of the piece was directed by Giles Alderson and his team at figi productions.

I worked with the amazing Alex Boyce on the 3D and motion graphics.