Sainsburys | Retro 70s Motion Graphics


Retro 70s TV graphics galore for this spoof advertising piece.

Part of Sainsbury’s pet map of Britain campaign.

I directed the design & motion graphics for Grizzle Animation Studio.

Animals & Children

You know what they say; “Never work with children and animals”. On this occasion agency Gravity Road persuaded us to go against that sound advice. Attendance on set was well worth it – this roster of animals are literally superstars in their own ranks. Watching them roll around the green screen set was hilarious.


Gravity Road filmed the animals on green screens and provided us with the results so we could superimpose it onto stock footage. We graded everything with a 70s sepia tone and added the retro motion graphics and hey presto. Added in some jerky transitions like they did in the old days before computers and the client was really happy.



On set Ruby Newland supervised the VFX shoot for Grizzle.

The piece was directed by Alicia MacDonald.

DOP in charge of the naughty animals was Tom Wade.

Production: Gravity Road