Monster Jobs | Animation

I used After effects to create this Animation for Monster Jobs. Neel Patel from Nutbot directed the animation. He is a multi-talented man who also created the illustrations and storyboards.

The puppet tool inside of AE created most of the arm and leg movements. The quirkyness of the characters meant that we could keep things quirky on the movement too. Monster’s brand colours provided the main inspiration for the colour pallete.

In some parts of the film we animated the arms and legs by simply key-framing the shape vector. This can can give a smooth effect when the puppet tool failed to give an adequate result.

From Radio to Youtube

Part of a series of animations for recruitment website Monster. Each of the animations feature real life stories of people overcoming objections and barriers to find their dream career.

Monster originally created these audio clips for a series of radio adverts. We extracted the audio and created our animations directly on top. Finally, in order to cement the picture and sound together we applied a layer of sound design, which worked really well.

We created 3×30 second videos and a number of shorter cuts. The campaign was shown on an array of social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Once again I worked alongside Alex Boyce at (Grizzle London) for the animation. Sound Design was provided by Marcin Pawlic. Illustration & Art direction was provided by Neel Patel (Nutbot)