WaterAid Ultimate Pregnancy Test Animation

If only there were a test to tell you everything you need to know about your childbirth experience…

For millions of women around the world, pregnancy is a time of fear and uncertainty over how and where they will deliver their baby, because delivering without access to clean water, good sanitation and good hygiene practices means a deadly risk of infection for them and their baby.

WaterAid approached us once again and asked if we could help out with this campaign to raise awareness for women who do not have access to safe water during their pregnancy.

This next section is for the geeks:

This animation was a huge challenge technically. We had to communicate that the spoof pregnancy test device was capable of using GPS to search for safe water. To do this we had the idea of transitioning from device held in hand in the live footage, to a product advertising-esque 3D world. In the new 3D environment we move out further away in scale until eventually revealing that the world is in fact set upon the back of the pregnancy test.

This meant that the scale of the project was either very small (when zoomed in at character / kitchen level) to being very large as we zoom to look at the product in the final resting shot. The whole piece was done with one camera move too so the whole project, including 38,000 CGI trees was contained within one file. For the trees we used a C4D’s plugin called Forester. This did very well but we had problems when rendering it because Octane for C4D couldn’t handle the amount of polygons that were being thrown out by Forester. We kept on refining the scene until Octane was just about able to cope.

The live footage match-moving was done using the inbuilt camera tracker in C4D which did a pretty solid job.

The live footage at the start of the piece was directed by Giles Alderson and his team at figi productions.

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